History in Bakersfield Sidewalks & Curbs (v9) 1893-2013
A History of Weill Park, 1924-2016, v2
Our Little S.P. Rental House on Kentucky, v3
Where Bakersfield Threw Its Garbage, 1872-1992
How Bakersfield Saved Its Past, 1888 - 2015, v2
An Olympiad and Movie for Bakersfield, 1926
The Schoolhouse Christmas of 1869
Death on the Tehachapi Grade, 1907
100 Years at the Park, a History of Hart Park, 1890-1990
Dust Storms and Valley Fever, 1874-2014
Backup Camera Install, PLCM34WIR, 2014

Bakersfield's Curfew Bell, 1891-1988
Bashing Bakersfield, an historical look back, 1873-1922
Bakersfield's Christmas Eve Celebration, 1915
Bakersfield to Caliente, 1845-2011
Underground Bakersfield & KC, 1870-2012
Boy Scouting in Kern County, 1905-52
Marriage Between Gentiles and Jews  by Shirley Ann Newman
Sacramento to Bishop via Bakersfield, 1873
Origins of the Kern County Fair (v2), 1892-1912
Black Gold Gypsies by Jerry Kirkland, 1940
History Pageant for Milk and Shoes, 1933
El Piojo Theater in Delano, 1946
Coming of Age at Beale Park, a Collective Memoir  by  Jerry Kirkland
Questioning Nissan Extended Warranty & Service Contracts, 2010
Union Avenue Plunge, 1916-93 (v2)
Johnny Learns About Small Dollar Bills, 1929
Kern County City Limit Signs, 1950-1970
Lions at the Jail, 1915
Cardoni On Bakersfield Tables, 1900-50
Life on Kentucky Street, 1930
Motor Trip to California in 1917
Xray in Bakersfield, 1896
Flu Epidenic 1919
Digital Cameras in Research Work, 2005